Beyonce in Leather Biker Jacket

What Famous Celebrities Are Wearing Biker Jackets?

Biker jackets, moto jackets or motorcyle jackets are hot, hot, hot right now. For the fall and winter season, you will be seeing these fashion trending jackets everywhere - and on just about everyone. You will see or have seen biker jackets on not just the bad girls of Hollywood - which would sort of state the obvious, as moto jackets tend to be thought of as for the "biker babes" or "bad girls". We will be spotting various female stars sporting leather biker jackets - and many in black too - the ultimate bad-girl leather color.

Recent celebrity spottings have been Rachel Bilson, Blake Lively and Emma Watson. Oh are just too cute in your fit and flirty flare plaid dress (another hot trend for this season) paired with a black leather biker jacket. The plaid dress was so pretty, feminine, flirty and preppy. So, the juxtaposition of the black leather jacket with that was a great addition. She is saying, "Yes I am a girl and I like to look pretty but, I also have an edge to me." I love it!

Pretty Poppy Delevigne was seen in her styled version of the black leather moto jacket. Tight skinny jeans with a lot of layering on top including a tank top and a long denim shirt blouse (yet another on trend style - denim and denim). Casual chic. And it really was the black leather biker jacket which provided the 'chic' part, because without it, the outfit would have been a little too casual and maybe only something you would wear at home - not out and about.

And beautiful Blake Lively was seen wearing a black leather jacket with a short hot pink party dress. That is a great way to take the dress from super feminine and flirty to feminine and foxy.

Rachel Bilson, the sweet young thing, has been seen wearing a black leather moto jacket with a flirty and ruffled mini dress. How cool it is to add the leather jacket on top to add a whole lot of funk, spunk and the maximum amount of cool.

And how about we do not forget about the one and only Beyonce. No need to even think about whether or not she can pull off wearing a cool black leather biker jacket. She can, she does and she will...and she don't need no Sasha Fierce to do it either. Beyonce has been seen sporting the classic leather biker jacket with studded leggings, a long t-shirt, rocker boots and a snakeskin tote. The ultimate in cool glamour. That is the Beyonce way!

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Are you ready to ride into this season with a Motorcycle or Moto jacket?

An iconic design, the motorcycle jacket, or moto jacket or even biker jacket has been around for decades and decades. Remember James Dean in his infamous leather biker jacket. That was in the early 1950's. Well... ok...for some of you who might not even know who James Dean may know the show Happy Days where Henry Winkler played the role of the "The Fonz" or "Fonzy". He was the coolest guy in town and what did he wear...a leather motorcyle jacket. He did also ride a perhaps the biker jacket was apropros. It begs the question: Did he wear the leather motorcycle jacket to make him look cool or did he wear the biker jacket for safety - because he drove a motorcycle? Simple answer - He wore it because it made him look unlike the nerds and geeks and made him look like the only cool guy in town. That is my story and I am sticking to it :-) Oh well...maybe it was a little of both - but I really like the 'cool' explanation better - it is a lot more sexy.

Now that you know that the biker jacket has been around for a long time, you may be asking, "What exactly is a motorcyle jacket?"

A little background on what defines a motorcycle biker jacket: Typically, a motorcycle jacket is made with genuine leather - mostly black in color. More importantly though is the styling of the moto jacket. It will almost always have an asymmetrical front with zipper and large lapels. A moto jacket will also tend to be on the shorter side. It may go just to your waist or just slightly below.

These days, you don't need to own a motorcycle to own a moto jacket. You do not need to be a "biker babe" in order to sport one of these iconic fashion pieces either. Today, biker jackets are for every women who wants to add a bit of pizzazz and sass to her wardrobe.

Biker moto jackets can be worn with just about everything, depending on the look and style you are going for. The perfect casual and cool look is to wear the biker jacket with a pair of jeans. And ripped jeans will work just fine. Actually distressed jeans and a black leather biker jacket will look divine - if of course, you like a casual, cool look and you have a personality with a bit of attitude. What you are saying when you sport this distressed look (because your hair will not be perfectly coiffed either) is that you are strong and don't really care what people think of you. Essentially, you are the girl who can be quite a handful, and are not to be messed with. And I do not necessarily mean that you are aggressive but, more assertive and you know how to assert yourself.

While this sort of grunge look is right for some women, not all women are about wearing ripped jeans and black leather. Well you certainly do not have to be that and you can still wear a moto jacket. Because motorcycle jackets come in various colors, one option is to simply change your color choice of jacket. A white moto jacket looks completely different and denotes a slightly different attitude. Even with the ripped jeans, it will be a softer look; therefore, giving off a softer vibe. You may appear more approachable than the girl in the black leather and destroyed jeans.

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